What Exactly Are Medical Residency Headshots?

Medical shots are high-quality portrait photographs frequently utilized in the application process for medical fellowships and residencies. These professional photographs are crucial, capturing the essence of aspiring medical professionals with utmost precision and finesse. These photographs embody the aspirations of medical professionals and hold immense importance in establishing a positive initial impact. The ERAS application is the preferred platform for aspiring residents to showcase their professional headshots.

These headshots highlight the subject’s professionalism, amiability, and competence, pivotal in establishing a remarkable personal brand that enhances the chances of securing interviews and positions in desired residency programs.

Adhering to specific guidelines when submitting photos is crucial to ensure acceptance by the ERAS system. The headshot should measure 2.5in x 3.5in with an approximate DPI of 150 and a file size not exceeding 100 kb.

Do Medical Residency Headshots Hold Significance?

Have you ever experienced an immediate like or dislike toward someone you just met? Sometimes, we can pinpoint the reasons behind these feelings; other times, they remain a mystery. It’s fascinating that most individuals form “first impressions” of others within a mere fraction of a second—just 1/8th, to be precise. And these initial perceptions wield significant influence on who we choose to hire, buy from, and listen to.

Nowadays, these initial encounters commonly take place online. Your ERAS photo, for example, takes center stage on your application. During the board’s evaluation, imagine your headshot being projected onto a massive wall as they discuss your application.

That’s precisely why a superior professional headshot is indispensable when making a positive initial impression on these decision-makers. It can truly make a substantial impact on your career trajectory and overall success. 

What Should I Wear For My Residency Headshot? 

Regarding your medical residency headshot, it’s essential to dress in formal business attire. While wearing scrubs is acceptable for the main ERAS photo if you have a suit, it’s generally recommended to avoid it. Our advice is to dress for the job you desire, considering the conservative nature of the medical profession. We encourage you to express your personality through outfits during sessions, but it’s best to follow this guideline for a headshot. If you have any questions or need further guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to assist you every step of the way!

How Can I Effectively Pose For Residency Headshots? 

Regarding professional headshots, there’s no need to go overboard with your poses. Our focus in our sessions is on minimalist, classy poses, unlike some photographers who push their clients into downright bizarre positions. We wholeheartedly avoid such practices.

It’s important to remember that the spotlight should be on your professionalism, not your photography skills. To start your session, warm up with simple and straightforward poses. Just stand tall and flash that confident smile.

As the session progresses, we’ll shift towards poised headshots with crossed arms and maybe capture a few natural, candid shots. We aim to showcase your true essence.

Business Headshot
Commercial Headshot

Background Ideas for Residency Headshots?

Regarding medical residency headshots, we highly recommend using a neutral-colored backdrop like white, off-white, or grey. Take a sneak peek at our headshot backgrounds page to explore all our studio background options. While outdoor headshots can be used, studio headshots have higher professionalism in the industry. This is especially important due to the file size requirements for ERAS headshots. The photo must be compressed to a file size under 100kb to ensure compliance. However, this compression often results in the loss of appealing background details typically found in outdoor headshots.

Zen Studios LA offers various studio backdrop options tailored to your preferences and needs. Trust us for your medical residency headshots.

How To Prepare for Residency Headshots?

There are three key steps to consider to ensure a successful headshot session. Prioritize getting enough rest, engaging in physical activity, and exposing yourself to natural sunlight in the weeks following your session. Your preparation is vital in achieving a natural and flawless look, although our editing team will enhance your chosen photos.

Next, try on your desired outfits a few days before the session to confirm their fit and avoid last-minute cleaning or alterations.

Lastly, take a moment to review your previous photos and identify any that you particularly admire. Share those images with your photographer upon arrival at the studio. This will assist us in capturing angles that highlight your best features and make you feel confident and attractive.

By following these steps, you can ensure a seamless and enjoyable headshot experience, resulting in stunning photographs that truly represent your unique persona. Prepare for your session with these helpful tips for a successful and memorable headshot experience.

What If I’m Not Photogenic Or Hate Posing For Photos? 

Welcome Studios LA, where our dedicated team is committed to delivering an exceptional client experience. Unlike other portrait photographers, we prioritize creating a comfortable environment that allows you to truly shine. Say goodbye to awkward poses and rushed sessions!

In our studio, we go above and beyond to ensure your session is enjoyable and stress-free. With upbeat music and active solicitation of your feedback, we capture a headshot you can proudly display online. Let us help you portray your best self with a stunning headshot that you’ll adore. Discover the Zen Studios LA difference today!

How Much Do Medical Residency Headshots Cost?

For medical residency headshots, the cost can vary depending on factors such as geography, package, and provider. Typically, prices range from $225 and above.

When considering pricing, it is essential to consider two key factors: licensing and retouching fees.

Licensing-wise, photographers often require a fee for the ownership of photos, separate from the session fee that covers the time spent in the photographer’s studio. This ownership fee becomes relevant when you use the photos for press releases, advertisements, magazine features, or book covers.

As for retouching, photographers may charge $225 and above per photo for these services. It is advisable to include these fees when calculating the overall cost of your session.

At Zen Studios, we welcome you with affordable starting rates, offering 100% usage rights for ALL images captured during your session. Additionally, you’ll receive a custom-retouched image of your choice. Exciting, right? If you’re looking for a cost-effective option, our Virtual Headshot services are designed just for you. Don’t hesitate; book now and let us immortalize your best self!

  • 1 Look (1 Outfit / 1 Backdrop)

  • Wardrobe Consultation

  • 1 Hi-res Retouched Image

  • Women – Makeup – Add $140

  • Men – Grooming – Add $125

  • 2 Looks (Outfits and/or Backdrop Change)

  • Wardrobe Consultation

  • 2 Hi-res Retouched Images

  • Women – Makeup – Add $140

  • Men – Grooming – Add $125


  • On-Location Shoot – 120 min Session

  • Wardrobe Consultation

  • 10 Hi-res Retouched Images

  • Women – Makeup – Add $200

  • Men – Grooming – Add $125