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Corporate headshots 

Corporate headshots are your online handshake, and most likely the first impression someone that wants to do business with you is from seeing your picture online. Therefore, having a personable photo online helps people connect and relate with you. On your LinkedIn profile, your website, blog or next to a column you wrote. Having a great corporate headshot is important and quite the challenge. Its the mixture of light, posing, chemistry between the photographer and client, wardrobe and the environment. Also, the importance of having clear which industry your headshot will represent. This to get the look and feel right so the picture reflects exactly that. So, is the picture that you have up there now, representing your business? Choosing professional make up and solid colors will help bring the attention to the face. 

Business expense 

It’s not only a good investment you are also able to write them of as a business expense. having a professional headshot will help you stand out against your competition. It shapes your professional brand and image. To figure out the right look and feel of your business you can make a list of words that you would like people to associate with your business and how you want your customers to perceive you professionally. 

A recent study has made it clear that people love pictures of other people. If there is a picture of a person on the website they engage far longer on that site and its where the eyes go first. And the photo should not be a glamour shot or an outdated vacation picture. Post a clear and professional photo of what you look like now; so they see who it is they are dealing with. Having a picture on your website will help you get business. 

For your website there are several things you can do to give people a clear image of who you are and what you represent. First and most important a close-up headshot of you, where you look friendly and approachable. Another photo of you interacting with someone, this could be you giving a speech at a conference, shaking someone’s hand, talking with a client. Something else you can add to your website is a introduction video. Introducing yourself and explaining what your business is about. The setting for this can be in your office or sitting behind your desk. And lastly, a photo of your office so people can see where you work and that your workspace looks professional. 

Tips when posing for corporate headshots

And because you’re probably more comfortable being in front of your computer instead of a camera, here some tips to relax when you get your corporate headshots are taken.

Relax, really this is the best you can do. Take a deep breath in and slowly breath out through your mouth. You can tell the photographer when you need to take a moment. Have some water and then get back into it. 

Make sure you wear something that you look and feel your best in. This really helps. Keep your hair and make up natural. Looking your best will give you that natural confidence and that shines through in your pictures. 

Don’t be shy and ask the photographer what side works or which facial expression looks good. They see a lot of people in front of their camera and can give you some great tips if you aren’t sure.